«When to Negotiate, When to Fight» with Harvard Professor Robert Mnookin

«When to Negotiate, When to Fight» with Harvard Professor Robert Mnookin

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro hosted Professor Robert Mnookin, Director, Harvard Negotiation Research Project, for a Distinguished American Speaker program at his residence on December 9. Prof. Mnookin spoke about his new book, Bargaining With the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight, engaging an audience of 100, which included many Israeli officials who were involved in Israel’s peace negotiations with her neighbors, as well as professors and students of law, conflict resolution, and negotiation, and Wexner Israel program alumni. Following this program, Professor Mnookin conducted a special workshop for a group of Arab and Jewish high school students from Amal Taibe and Amal Lady Davis in Tel Aviv. The workshop was a rare and exciting opportunity for Israeli high school students to meet a world renowned Professor from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Even though this was a new level of audience for Professor Mnookin, he enjoyed interacting with the young students while demonstrating various negotiation techniques and applicable methods for teaching mutually satisfying agreements in all facets of life. The workshop also gave the group an opportunity to meet with a distinguished academic and practice new and creative communication skills in English. This ‘exceptional’ workshop was adjunct to a larger program supported by a small PD grant which brought together 180 Arab and Jewish students from 6 high schools to learn negotiation skills.

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