What is Mediation? Why is Mediation a great way to solve a dispute?

What is Mediation? Why is Mediation a great way to solve a dispute?

Matt O’Connor is a lawyer with The O’Connor Law Firm in Kansas City, MO. He is a Rule 17 certified mediator in Missouri, which allows him to assist people in resolving disputes. This can help save money, time, and a lot of hassle and heartache.

Mediation is not an arbitration where an arbitrator makes a decision. A mediator listens to both sides and facilitates resolution. They don’t decide or settle the case.

The mediator would sit down with both sides at the beginning and go through what the expectations are. He will separate the parties and talk to them individually. He will go back and forth between the parties until they come to an agreement or don’t come to an agreement.

A good agreement is one that everyone equally dislikes.

The value of mediation is to bring the parties together with a skilled mediator to point out the strengths and weaknesses in the case. Also to have a reasonable loose prediction of what the judge may or may not do in the case.

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