The Negotiation Process: Goals, Roles & Procedures

The Negotiation Process: Goals, Roles & Procedures

Negotiation is a proven process for improving communication, building teamwork and resolving conflict. It is equally effective for the big problems that can cripple an organization, and all the little irritations that build up and cause friction between people who share an environment. The negotiation process is a conversation in three stages, where each stage is vital to building the foundation for the next, and the outcome is geared to win-win outcome for all parties involved. The process of «Goals, Roles & Procedures» identifies the sequence of steps and underscores the importance of firmly establishing each before effectively conducting the next. Speaker and coach Roger Reece outlines and describes the process in this clip from a 2011 workshop on Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management. Roger pinpoints the common pitfalls that will undermine effective negotiation, and describes how to use Goals, Roles & Procedures to avoid them.

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