The Lost Art of Communication – G. Robert Buckendorf, PhD

The Lost Art of Communication – G. Robert Buckendorf, PhD

How to listen and how to get others to listen to you
Communication is key to success in personal and business relationships. Most of us think of communication as us talking to others: I want to make sure others hear what I have to say and I’m primarily concerned with advancing my own agenda. I often listen only to “fix” others or share from my own experience or listen with an ear to figure out what I am going to say next. However, the key to effective communication is to become a better listener. In this presentation, we will discuss some of these roadblocks to effective listening and instead present strategies to become a better listener- which means I become a better employer and employee, leader, parent, and friend. Becoming a better listener takes practice and commitment, but is an opportunity to learn to respect others. Others are more interested in listening to us when we first really listen to them. Strategies such as use of open-ended questions, reflecting back the message to the speaker, and the importance of body language will be offered. Dr. Buckendorf will present illustrations from his lifelong work with children with disabilities as part of this presentation.

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