THE BASICS Getting a Divorce in New York State

THE BASICS Getting a Divorce in New York StateTHE BASICS Getting a Divorce in New York State

Either the wife or the husband can ask a Court for a divorce. In this booklet, we say that the wife is the person who will go to Court to request a divorce from her husband. But it can happen the other way around.

A divorce case can be fairly simple if both the husband and the wife want to get divorced and they do not have any disagreements about their finances or children. If they have children together, the parents may already have a Family Court order(s) that decides who has custody and/or visitation and who pays child support. If they also do not have money, property, or debt to divide,

they may be able to get divorced in less than a year’s time and without hiring lawyers. People call this kind of case an “uncontested” divorce.

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