Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace: History, Theory, and Research

Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace:History, Theory,and Research

download (10)Margaret Benefiel
Andover Newton Theological School
Louis W. Fry and David Geigle
Texas A&M University Central Texas

The role of spirituality and religion in the workplace (SRW) is a relatively new area of inquiry that has emerged from scholarly fields not typically associated with the study of the psychology of religion and spirituality.This article explores the underlying assumptions and history as well as the state of current theory and empirical research regarding SRW.We first describe the history of the efforts to integrate spirituality and religion into the workplace,with their foundational roots in the Protestant Work Ethic and their emergence through the Faith at Work movement.Next we review the major theoretical developments in this area that have established a domain of relevant definitions,constructs,frameworks,and models.Then we review the empirical research on spirituality in the workplace and conclude that 2 major streams have emerged that have,to date,discovered similar findings in regard to their significant impact on relevant individual and organizational outcomes.Finally,we explore particular challenges associated with integrative work and future theory building and research.
Our relationship to work is an integral part of our self-concept,greatly affecting not only the quality of our lives in the workplace but also at home.Interest in spirituality and religion in the workplace(SRW)has emerged over the last few decades(Bell &Taylor,2004;Carroll, 2013;Driver,2005;Duchon &Plowman,2005;Fry,2003,2005a;Fry & Kriger,2009;Fry & Nisiewicz,2013;Hicks,2003;Krishnakumar &Neck,2002;LipsWiersma,2003;Lips-Wiersma & Mills,2002;Dean,Fornaciari,& McGee,2003;Tischler,1999),gaining the interest of both scholars and practitioners(Carroll,2013;Fry & Nisiewicz,2013;Hicks,2003;Kinjerski & Skrypnek,2004;Krishnakumar & Neck,2002).

Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace: History, Theory, and Research

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