She Negotiates

She Negotiates

Victoria Pynchon provides a transformational workshop for women attorneys that nests today’s most effective negotiation strategies and tactics in the context of the gender culture in which women operate.
During the workshop, attendees (1) learn fundamental negotiation theory and explore the appropriateness within the attorney/attorney context and attorney/client context, (2) dig deep into the cultural forces that influence one’s ability to speak up, ask for what one wants, and be heard. The workshop learning is complemented with communication tools and strategies that produce measurable and immediate results.
For example, an attorney with strong negotiating skills can employ these abilities to assist her client in reaching a better resolution to the client’s matter.
Focus and Goals of Workshop:
• Recognize opportunities to negotiate
• Learn and practice competitive and collaborative negotiation strategies and tactics
• Understand and overcome implicit biases and male/female cross–‐cultural obstacles
• Develop confidence and ease with negotiation as a conversation leading to agreement
Cultural Context of Workshop:
• What we lose by failing to negotiate
• Overcoming our hesitance to ask
Negotiation Basics/Role-plays
❏ Ask
√ Recognizing the opportunity to negotiate
√ Commencing the conversation leading to agreement √
❏ Anchor
√ Making the first offer
√ Framing the deal
❏ At the Table Tactics
√ Bundling and unbundling issues
√ Simultaneous offers
√ Hypothetical offers and counters
√ Log rolling
❏ Close
√ Moving past “no”
√ Bridging
√ Bracketing
√ Inking the deal
❏ Negotiating in the Face of Bias/Roleplays
√ Implicit bias exercise
√ Recognizing and deploying male and female bargaining styles
The Florida Bar has approved this presentation for 2.5 General CLE credits.
Reference Number: 3357-3
Level: Basic
Approval Period: 09/20/2012 – 03/20/2014

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