Seven Benefits to Using Civil Mediation Instead of Litigation

Seven Benefits to Using Civil Mediation Instead of LitigationSeven Benefits to Using Civil Mediation Instead of Litigation

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Disputes are never easy and when civil disputes escalate to the point of requiring legal guidance, things can really get out of control. Unfortunately, this happens frequently and business and personal relationships are destroyed for no reason. There is an alternative to the traditional method of settling legal disputes and many find it to be far more beneficial than litigation. Instead of heading to the courtroom, disputing parties can use civil mediation to find a resolution. There are several things that make civil mediation more beneficial than litigation.
1.Civil Mediation is Not as Expensive as Litigation
One of the most appealing aspects of mediation is that is costs less than traditional litigation. Though people benefit in many other ways, this is often what triggers them to try mediation in the first place. Settling an issue in the court system is expensive and it often occurs at a time when other expenses in life are high. Mediation provides a legally sound option that does not cost as much as litigation. Though disputing parties can work with attorneys and still save, in some cases the only cost associated with

2.Civil Mediation Gives Control to Disputing Parties
When an issue is settled in court, the judge or jury is given the final say. Both parties have the opportunity to present their side of things, but in the end, someone else is given control of the resolution. In mediation, it is the disputing parties that create the details of the resolution. In order for mediation to be successful, both must agree to the terms of the outcome and in most cases, the resolution is mutually beneficial. Having control over a dispute and how it is resolved is extremely appealing and the reason why many choose civil mediation.

Seven Benefits to Using Civil Mediation Instead of Litigation

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