Responsible Negotiation: Caring for People, Problems and Processes

Alain Lempereur
Brandeis University; PON at Harvard Law School

October 25, 2011


Responsible negotiation is defined (1) as an empowerment process, (2) which helps reach the best possible responses that fit the problems at stake and (3) where the negotiators hold themselves accountable for both the process and its responses towards the people who are concerned. This broad approach means integrating people care, problem solving and process facilitation. Caring for people supposes to go from “I” to “We”: from myself to the other negotiator, the principals and all the stakeholders. Problem-solving requires to go beyond the crossed demands of the parties, uncover their real motivations, and look for creating-value solutions which are justifiable. Process facilitation involves a communication process where the others are empowered so that they can co-develop the solutions and own them.

Responsible Negotiation- Caring for People, Problems and Processes

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