Solving a Complex International Business Problem
An Interactive Training Exercise in Mediator-Assisted
Interest-Based Negotiation

Based on the Powerbrands Case Study

This Guide has been prepared by the CPR Institute to accompany the INTA video Resolution
through Mediation: Solving a Complex International Business Problem.

The video demonstrates how mediation can be deployed to resolve an apparently deadlocked
business dispute. It also demonstrates effective use of interest-based negotiation techniques.
This Guide has been designed to assist not only trainers of mediation and negotiation skills, but
also disputants (and their advisors) who are preparing themselves for an assisted settlement

To get the most from this Guide, approximately 6 hours 30 minutes is required. An abbreviated
session involving Steps 3 and 4 requires approximately 3 hours 45 minutes:

Step 1. Assemble a Group of up to 20 trainees. Ask for four volunteers willing to play
the roles of the parties and their lawyers. The Trainer acts as Mediator. Give each member of
the group, including the volunteer role players, a copy of the General Background in Section 4 of
this Guide. Give to each role player the confidential instructions found in Section 4. These are
fot to be shared with anyone else in the Group. Total time – 15 minutes.

Step 2.
Playing the role of Mediator, the Trainer opens the session with a standard Mediator opening, and the role play then begins. A im to complete the entire mediation in 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are two alternatives for what the other trainees may be doing whilst this mediation is taking place. Firstly, if resources are permitting there could be five mediations running concurrently, however, this would require f
ive Trainers. The alternative is that the first mediation is watched by the other trainees before attempting it themselves.Total time – 2 hours, 30 minutes.


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