by: Tom Stenzel | TEDxBozeman

Tom Stenzel shares a personal story which illustrates how it’s possible to mindfully combat your instinctual reaction in a confrontational situation. The incident Stenzel describes, and his resulting inner struggle, was influential in transforming his style of business management and in his approach to teaching Aikido.

Tom Stenzel is a teacher, speaking coach, Aikido martial artist, and Bozeman business owner. He founded High Country Speakers where he coaches public speaking and was the owner and operator of the Western Heritage Inn for over thirty years. Between these roles and being an adjunct professor at Montana State University, his alma mater, Tom has trained thousands of people in customer service and communication skills. He has hundreds of stories dealing with the successes and failures from his time in the hospitality industry and he believes failure is one of the most powerful teachers. He applies the art of Aikido to his everyday philosophy of enticing the very best out of each individual through peace and respect.

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