Personality and Negotiation Performance: The People Matter

Mary Sass
Western Washington University

Matthew Liao-Troth
Western Washington University; Hawai‘i Pacific University

January 18, 2015

Journal of Collective Negotiations (accepted for publication; journal ceased publication December 2014)


This study addresses three deficiencies in personality effects and negotiation performance research. First, few studies have addressed all Big Five dimensions simultaneously. Second, no study has examined the outcomes of distributive, integrative, and compatible negotiations concurrently. Finally, the interdependence of negotiation dyads has not been analyzed appropriately. Using an undergraduate student sample of 138 dyads, the IPIP-NEO, Neale’s New Recruit simulation, and Actor-Partner Interdependence Modeling, we address these concerns. Findings indicate that the negotiator’s agreeableness and openness to experience positively impact the negotiator’s distributive outcomes. This is contrary to prior findings and our expectations. We also found that the negotiating partner’s neuroticism positively, and the joint effect of the two parties’ neuroticism negatively, impacts distributive negotiation outcomes. Contrary to our predictions we found no personality effects for integrative and for compatible negotiation outcomes. All findings were after controlling for age and gender similarity.

Personality and Negotiation Performance- The People Matter

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