Personal Values and Negotiation Outcomes: Understanding Ourselves and Others

Mary Sass
Western Washington University

Matthew Liao-Troth
Western Washington University; Hawai‘i Pacific University

January 18, 2015

Journal of Collective Negotiations (accepted for publication; journal ceased publication December 2014)


We examine the relationship between people’s professed values and their negotiation performance through a controlled experimental design study. Using Schwartz values and distributive, integrative, and compatible negotiation outcomes in a controlled experiment, we apply multi-level modeling to determine interdependent effects at the individual and dyadic levels. Specifically we found that the values of hedonism and tradition negatively impact distributive outcomes for the primary subject. Concurrently, distributive outcomes for the primary subject are negatively affected by the value of tradition and positively impacted by the value of security in the negotiation partner. Finally, we found that the negotiation partner’s value of self-direction positively impacts the integrative outcome for the primary subject. The implication for the selection of collective bargaining agents is discussed.

Personal Values and Negotiation Outcomes- Understanding Ourselves and Others

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