Oneohtrix Point Never – “POWER OF PERSUASION”

Oneohtrix Point Never – “POWER OF PERSUASION”

updated 6/22: fixed that one clip with color and added a shitty time lapse to show some transition of time.
Another short little film. The idea came to me after listening to «Set It Off» by FORCE OF NATURE and that song was the original track for the video. After filming the scenes, which took a total of 2 hours, I decided that the song wasn’t too appropriate for this.
The editing process didn’t take too long either. The color correction was done with solely the 3 way color corrector in FCP7. The shitty little tooth animation did take up the most time, about an hour. It was my first time using AE and hopefully I plan to improve upon using the program.
I went for a vintage and strange feel (i don’t know how to explain) with this film and hopefully the song emphasizes that. The plot is intentionally vague. It was scripted to be of a plan of vengeance taken upon a mob boss by this dude with a hammer and sword after the boss takes out his family. However, with teenage actors, I guess it’s kind of hard to portray that mobster look.
Nonetheless, the filming was fun and I really want to thank the actors Kyle ( and Brian ( for their patience during the filming.

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