Ninja Negotiating for Real Estate Investors

Ninja Negotiating for Real Estate Investors

Good negotiators can add thousands of dollars in profit to deals with less than 5 minutes of work. In this ninja negotiating training, I’ll share my best strategies for negotiating as the buyer and seller of real estate.

You’ll learn:

* The 4 personality types and how to profitable negotiate with all of them.
* The 4 word phrase that can squeeze extra value out of any deal even AFTER negotiations are complete.
* The one thing you must avoid doing in any negotiation (this can cost you thousands).
* The 7 magic questions to ask any seller to determine their true motivation.
* 2 non-verbal cues you can drop to make any seller second guess their asking price.
* 4 winning (and profitable!) offer strategies.
* Plus much, much more…

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