Negotiations – Entrepreneurship 101 2009/10

Negotiations – Entrepreneurship 101 2009/10

The art of effective negotiation; how to build lasting agreements without becoming either a bully or a wimp. The art of negotiation touches every aspect of our lives — we routinely negotiate with our spouses, our children, our landlord, our employer, and so on. It is equally important in business — we negotiate with our customers, our suppliers and our investors. This lecture, «Negotiation for Fun and Profit,» is given by Michael Erdle, managing partner of Deeth Williams Wall. Michael is a specialist in mediation and arbitration and gives a thorough grounding in the basics of negotiating skills.

Case studies focus on issues situations most entrepreneurs will face: research projects, starting a business venture, obtaining investors and licensing a product or invention.

Entrepreneurship 101 is presented by CIBC

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