Negotiation via (the New) Email

enogotiationNoam Ebner

Creighton University School of Law – Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution


Ebner, N. (2014). Negotiation via (the New) Email. In M. Benoliel (Ed.), Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making (2nd ed.). World Scientific Publishing: Singapore


While certainly one of the most familiar modes for online communication, email is a constantly shifting entity. This chapter explores common pitfalls encountered in negotiating via email as well as advantages the medium offers, and offers best practices for negotiating through this communication channel. In a significant update to the existing literature, this chapter describes the changes that the email medium itself, as well as its users, have undergone in recent years, with the proliferation of smartphones and other platforms for mobile communications. These changes have redesigned the map of challenges and advantages posed to us as we negotiate via email.

Noam Ebner

is an associate professor at the Werner Institute at Creighton University’s School of Law, where he chairs the online graduate program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. Previously, he has taught negotiation and conflict resolution at universities in Israel, Turkey and Costa Rica, and directed a commercial mediation center in Jerusalem. He received his LL.M from Hebrew University. In addition to online negotiation, his writing focuses on negotiation pedagogy and the role of trust in negotiation. Noam can be contacted at

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