Negotiation Theory & Practice

Conflict Resolution Institute
Course: CRES4221 — Negotiation Theory & Practice
Quarter: Fall, 2015
Instructor: Robert D. Melvin, Ph.D.
Telephone: 303.757.2731;

1. Getting to Yes (2nd) by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton, 1999, NY:
Penguin Books
2. Getting Past No by William Ury, 2007. NY: Bantam Books
3. Secrets of Power Negotiating (2nd) by Roger Dawson, 2001, Franklin Lake: The Career
4. Bargaining for Advantage by G. Richard Shell, 2000, NY: Penguin

Course Description:
This course lays the theoretical and practical groundwork for interest-based dispute resolution and
positional bargaining. Topics include the definition of the negotiation process, different types of
negotiation, and negotiation strategies. Students will have an opportunity to practice and compare
different negation techniques. Teaching methods will be experiential in nature and will include minilectures,
discussions and role-plays. The initial class approach to negotiation assumes that both parties
follow ethical principles. Later in the class, tools and techniques are provided for dealing with less
ethical and unethical negotiators.

Course Objectives:
After completing this class, students should successfully be able to:
1. Plan for and engage in interest-based negotiation maximizing joint gains through role play, individual
negotiations, and team negotiation.
2. Understand and diffuse conflict in negotiations to proceed in an interest-based way.
3. Display the ability to create a broader range of possibilities in a creative fashion
(expand the pie) when negotiations get stuck.
4. Respectfully and ethically engage in positional bargaining as appropriate.
5. Deal with and diffuse the effect of unproductive tactics used by negotiation
6. Synthesize principles presented in lectures, insights from text and readings, and their
own insights in practice negotiations and in a research paper.
7. Identify unethical negotiation tactics and demonstrate how to respond effectively.

Negotiation Theory and Practice

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