NEGOTIATION The Art of Getting What You Want

NEGOTIATION The Art of Getting What You WantNEGOTIATION The Art of Getting What You Want



Wayne R. Coffey

You Don’t Have to Take No for an Answer

CINDY Q. CITIZEN approaches the service desk of the auto dealership. The car ran really well when she bought it three years ago for about $22,000. However, for weeks now the car has been stalling out in traffic, and this is the fourth time she’s spent her lunch hour with the service manager. Each time, she’s been told the problem has been corrected, and each time, the car behaved as if nobody had even touched it.

Cindy doesn’t want to be a pain in the neck. She only wants to get her car fixed and never see the place again. The service manager consults his records.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” he says, “but we can’t help you out this time. Your warranty expired three days ago.”

“But it was under warranty when the problem first came up,” Cindy pleads, “Yes, but it’s not now. I’m sorry. It’s policy.”
Cindy feels helpless. She takes no for an answer.

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