Negotiation Stands Alone

Alexandra Crampton
Marquette University

Michael Tsur
Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Faculty of Law

September 11, 2013

Educating Negotiators for a Connected World, Christopher Honeyman, James R Coben & Andrew Wei-Min Lee, eds., DRI Press, February 2013


Editors’ Note (as introduction to this chapter in the Teaching Negotiation Book Series): Yes, the authors concede, “everybody” negotiates: but that’s like saying “everybody drives,” and then watching aghast when “everybody” climbs into a racing car, or an eighteen-wheeled tractor- trailer. The authors draw from Tsur’s experience teaching Israeli hostage negotiators and in other high-pressure environments to argue for an entirely distinct concept of a professional negotiator, one that starts with a rather experienced “student” and builds a sharply different training regimen from there.

Negotiation Stands Alone

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