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December 2005


Individual decision-making perspective
Also referred to as decision analysis, a systematic analysis from a single perspective

* A process you should undertake before entering a negotiation
* Provides a theoretically well founded methodology to structure your negotiation problem
* Also helps you decide with whom you should negotiate
* Helps you frame the decision in terms of the alternatives available to you and potential
consequences of each alternative
* Helps you compare the benefits of a joint agreement with the benefits gained from separate
or unilateral action (evaluate BATNAs)
* Other negotiators’ possible decisions can be folded into the analysis as uncertainties

* Five steps of decision analysis:

1.Identify the problem(What are the essential elements of the problem?)
2.Clarify your objectives (What concerns to you hope to address through your decision? Convert your concerns into objectives.)
3.Generate creative alternatives (What are your potential choices for pursuing your objectives?)
4.Evaluate the consequences (What are the consequences of acting on your decision?)
5.Make tradeoffs (What the tradeoffs of selecting one objective over another? Can you rank them in order of importance to you?

Interactive decision making perspective
• Based on the presumption that your payoff is not determined solely by your actions, but by
the separate interacting actions of all the negotiators
• As a negotiator you consider the alternatives, interests, aspirations, and behaviors of others
• Thinking strategically about the interaction of separate decisions should help you to understand the underlying threats
and opportunities and how you can improve your leverage in a negotiation
• The interactive perspective helps you think ab
out how other parties will interpret proposals, honor agreements, and respond to offers.

Negotiation Collaborative Problem Solving

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