Professor Gavin Kennedy BA, MSc, PhD, FCInstM


Hardly a word was changed in the many rep rintings of the 1991 edition, but for a year or
more I have been conscious of the need to update various pieces of the material and to
expand the text into some important areas of negotiation work that have been produced
over recent years.

Hence, I have taken the opportunity of this new edition to make some changes to the
original text and to add some new materials to the original Module 8 (Alternative Approach-
es to Negotiation). This module has now been expanded into three new modules: Rational
Bargaining?, Streetwise manipulation?, and Personality and Power in Negotiation?

There have been ten MBA elective examination diets since 1992 and I have also taken
this opportunity to review other parts of the original text where some students have
indicated by their attempted answers that some clarification of certain concepts would be
useful. Overall, the MBA examinations results have been most encouraging, with a few
lapses when students have clearly not understood the question or where they have ignored
what they were asked

For instance, a question that asks the student to identify the main objective of a negotia-
tor in a case study question prompts answers from a minority of students who contrive to
identify several objectives, rather than one, presumably in the hope that one of the objectives
will qualify as an answer! Or, a case study question is sometimes answered by five pages of
text, all this for a maximum of only eight marks, with the same students’ essay questions
then squeezed for time and barely containing enough material to fill a page, thus putting at
risk a chance of gaining a maximum of 20 marks. Clearly, these students exhibit poor
examination technique, not to mention failing to grasp the precepts of marginal analysis in
the Economics text!


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