Negotiating for Better or Worse: Changing Pie Sizes Affect Negotiation Relationships

Jimena Ramírez-Marín
University of Amsterdam

Francisco J. Medina
University of Seville – Department of Social Psychology

Wolfgang Steinel
Leiden University – Social and Organizational Psychology


IACM 2007 Meetings Paper


How do parties in ongoing repeated negotiation relationships react to changing circumstances? We argue that situations that become more beneficial (i.e. offer potentially higher outcomes to both) can affect negotiators´ relationships in two distinct ways. On the one hand, negotiators may see improving circumstances as more to share, which should lead to increased trust. On the other hand, negotiators may see it as more to fight about, which should decrease trust. We argue that social motivation (i.e., negotiators having a prosocial or pro-self motivation) may be a moderator, and explore this research question in a five-week repeated role-play negotiation experiment (N = 208). Contrary to our predictions, trust tended to increase in increasing and in decreasing sequences, maybe because participants did not recognize decreasing sequences as such. Implications for future research are discussed.

Negotiating for Better or Worse- Changing Pie Sizes Affect Negotiation Relationships

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