Negotiating Conflicts Across Cultures

Krishnan Nandakumar
Law Society Of India

September 24, 2013


The choice of decision making and the logical approach to negotiations, in the past has seen advancements in progressing towards a new trajectory paradigm, as well as a prospering enthusiasm in the field for both research and practices. Researchers have built upon the work in behavioral and decision-making theories, analyzing the ways in which negotiators perform in cross cultural negotiations. From the Neanderthal era till the present, there has been renewed interests in sociocultural factors, as works on social connections, ego-centrism, interpretations, and attributions were amalgamated into our understanding of negotiations. Many encouraging areas of research have risen lately, drawing from other disciplines including perceived minds, feelings, social stigmas, the role of media, access to justice and cultural contrast.

Negotiating Conflicts Across Cultures

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