METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE: Restructuring, upgrading and industrial competitiveness

METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE- Restructuring, upgrading and industrial competitivenessMETHODOLOGICAL GUIDE: Restructuring, upgrading and industrial competitiveness


The adoption of the Uruguay Round agreements and the setting up of the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the international level and the conclusion of various association and free- trade zone agreements1 at the regional and subregional level are regarded as marking the start of a new era in international economic and industrial relations.

Many developing countries and economies in transition view with concern the dawn of a new economic era characterized by the globali- zation of trade. While some countries react, pre- pare themselves and seek to take up the chal- lenge, others fail to react and, at the risk of further impoverishment, surrender themselves to the dominant forces of history. In this new atmos- phere of continual change and at the request of a number of countries, the United Nations Indus- trial Development Organization (UNIDO) has developed a technical assistance, restructuring and upgrading programme to prepare and adapt industries and their environments to the new con- text of globalization, which is marked by tough competition.

METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE: Restructuring, upgrading and industrial competitiveness

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