Mediator Training Clip 1 – Agenda – Language & Interruptions

Mediator Training Clip 1 – Agenda – Language & Interruptions demo Clip1:»An Interest-based Mediation…,» demonstrates and explains the problem-solving, facilitative mediation process. The series includes three DVDs, a Student Handbook, a Teacher’s Manual, and other teaching materials. It is used in mediator training programs, law school dispute resolution courses, and continuing education classes. Clip 1 of four posted clips centers on: Agenda – Avoiding Charged Language and Handling Interruptions.

This workplace conflict involves an employment discharge allegedly based on disability. The mediator, Andrew Kidde, J.D., must address both inter-personal and practical issues. The mediator demonstrates skilled interventions designed to diffuse conflict, restore relationships, break impasse, and reach resolution. The mediator and the parties also reflect on the process in pre- and post-mediation interviews.

The dispute is realistically portrayed, though parties and dispute are fictional. The Teacher’s Manual includes class exercises and elaborates on many topics, such as how this style of mediation is relevant to shuttle negotiation. The 92-min. DVD can be shown in one sitting or its chapters assigned individually as students study each stage of the process.

Other DVDs in the series are a full 3-hour mediation and «Stop Action! What Would YOU Do?,» which generates lively class debate with questions posed at critical decision points in the mediation. Produced by Seattle University Law Professor Melinda J. Branscomb and Sue Ann Allen, Training Director, Dispute Resolution Center of King County. Purchase at Educator discounts available for community mediation centers and school and university classroom use.

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