Mediation Pilot Projects in Ireland

Mediation Pilot Projects in IrelandMediation Pilot Projects in Ireland


I recently spent a very pleasant evening chatting to a German
colleague over beer and toasted marshmallows. To my surprise,
she prefaced much she had to say with the comment, “but sure
mediation is much more established and better developed in
Ireland than here (Germany)”. I was a bit puzzled by this
perception, because as someone working in mediation and
constantly advocating better integration of mediation into
dispute resolution systems, I tend to focus primarily on what
we are not yet doing and what other jurisdictions are doing
better. So, for the purposes of this blog I have resolved to
change my focus somewhat, and have a look at a series of
mediation initiatives the Irish state is working on and that
might just form a basis for my German colleague’s opinion.


Mediation Pilot Projects in Ireland

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