Mediation Opening Statement by Thomas Meyer

Mediation Opening Statement by Thomas Meyer

A mediation begins with an opening statement from the mediator explaining the rules and the process and it can end with binding written agreement to resolve some or all of the matters in dispute.

This opening statement is presented by Thomas F. Meyer, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Civil Mediator from Delray Beach, Florida. In this video, this mediator not only presents the basic rules of mediation, but also some extended insights and rationales to provide viewers with a behind the scenes look into how and why mediation has been such a successful method to settle lawsuits.

You will be able to observe how a mediator’s personality, training and experience can be combined to create a calm and level playing field for all concerned and how mediators will work to motivate and help the parties to communicate and negotiate with one another all within a controlled confidential proceeding. The video is divided into eleven sections;

1 Introduction
2 No Limits – Ask for What You REALLY Want
3 Mediator’s Role – Communication and Negotiation
4 Patience
5 Mediator is Neutral – Will Treat Everyone Equally
6 Settlement Authority
7 No Time Limits Allowed
8 Confidentiality
9 Compromise – Can You Handle the Truth?
10 Rules of Conduct – One at a Time with Respect
11 Self-Determination

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