Management of Conflicts and Negotiation

Eduardo Gando Manuel

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May 2006


As the conflicts very frequently happen in our days showing in several ways (strikes, manifestations, etc.) in the society and the organizations, I decided to take to cable this work to approach the theme «Management of Conflicts and the Negotiation.»

I try to give a conflict definition, clearing their causes in the companies, and distinguishing the types of existent conflict in the organizations, as well as their gravity levels and the form as it is processed and it regularizes himself in the organizations.

After this theoretical emphasis it is made an approach concerning the sources and forms of organizational conflict, of the regulation manners and of their consequences.

And I also try to do and approach concerning the form how it is made the management of conflicts in the organizations, as well styles of management of conflicts and the mechanisms to solve impasses.

We concluded that mutual interdependence exist between cahnge and conflict arrived inside of the given organization the changes that one been attending in the internal and external involving way of the organizations, and that the negotiation mechanisms can vary from agreement to the impasses of the negotiation process among the involve parts.

Note: Downloadable document is in Portuguese

Management of Conflicts and Negotiation

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