Lori Grace-Non Violent Communication

Lori Grace-Non Violent Communication

Lori Grace Star, MA Psych. LMT, has been studying and teaching approaches to communication and conflict resolution for nine years and Compassionate Communication for five. Compassionate Communication is an essential part of the skills she uses to connect compassionately with others and herself; to feel peaceful and inspired in daily life.
Lori maintains a private practice teaching people Tantra for over ten years and has been leading workshops in Tantra for fifteen years. She is also an anti-aging specialist. She has helped many couples and individual women overcome a wide variety of difficulties with their sexuality. She helps people expand their ability to communicate with their partners, feel compassion and understanding for each other, and experience profound levels of Tantric connection.
Lori was introduced to Compassionate Communication in 1999 and has been teaching it in California, Hawaii and New York. She has been instrumental in bringing NVC to the Hawaiian islands.

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