Lecture “Communication Power and Social Media” (Christian Fuchs)

Lecture “Communication Power and Social Media” (Christian Fuchs)

This is an online lecture that was part of the module «Critical Theory of Social Media and the Internet». Recommended readings related to this lecture are:
Fuchs, Christian. 2014. Social Media: A Critical Introduction. London: Sage. Chapters 4+5.
Fuchs, Christian. 2014. Internet and Society. Social Theory in the Information Age. New York: Routledge. Chapters 3+10.
CLASSROOM/SEMINAR EXERCISE “Communication Power and Social Media”
Watch the following three videos. The first one is a lecture by Manuel Castells – author of the books “Communication power” and “Networks of outrage and hope”.
The second and the third one are talks by Evgeny Morozov, author of the books “The net delusion: How not to liberate the world” and “To save everything, click here: Technology, solutionism and the urge to fix problems that don’t exist”
They are considered as two of the most important social media-analysts.
While watching take notes about which issues of power, power relations and power struggles the lectures address.

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