Learning to make good decisions and solve problems

Learning to make good decisions and solve problems

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There are certain qualities and skills that help children make thoughtful
decisions. Parents and carers can help children develop these qualities and skills
from birth by supporting the development of their:

-Self-esteem: to feel ok about themselves even when they go against what
their group wants.
-Confidence: to be able to ask for information they need, to say ‘No’ or to
say what they want.
-Thinking and reasoning skills: to be able to plan and make thoughtful choices.
These come as their brain develops as well as through practise and experience.
-Problem-solving skills.
-Communication skills: being able to say what they need and listen to others’
-Knowledge about issues and consequences: children develop an understanding
of consequences over time. When children are very young, parents and carers
may need to help children learn what the consequences may be, for example,
if you take your jacket you will stay warm when you go outside.
-Being able to consider and take into account other people’s feelings.
-Ability to manage feelings and behaviour: to be able to wait and think before
acting or reacting.

Learning to make good decisions and solve problems

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