Learning Negotiation skills with PON at Harvard Law School

Learning Negotiation skills with PON at Harvard Law School

The Office of Public Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv awarded a small grant to support bringing together 180 Jewish and Arab 16-year old students from 6 Israeli schools (3 Arab and 3 Jewish) to learn the art of negotiation and conflict resolution.

In this video, students from Amal Mekif Zion Beersheva and Amal Ahad High School for Science in Hura participated in a 2-day workshop. The workshops were conducted by Dr. Shula Gilad, Senior Fellow from the Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School, and local facilitators selected from the pool of Israeli Palestinian Negotiation Partners (IPNP) network who have all received training at Harvard by leading negotiation experts in the field. The workshops and materials were specifically tailored towards high school students and were conducted in English. Friendships were made between Arabs and Jews, and students swapped e-mail addresses and face-book accounts. These workshops were a unique opportunity for the students to practice their English language skills, visit each other’s schools, and focus on communication elements affecting their everyday lives.

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