Law Degree Jobs With Unions – Negotiate Collective Bargaining Agreements

Law Degree Jobs With Unions – Negotiate Collective Bargaining Agreements

Law degree jobs working for a union are explored in this interview with Kathy Finn, the Director of Collective Bargaining for the UFCW Local 770 in Los Angeles. After working as a labor lawyer in a law firm, Kathy decided that leaving law to work directly for a union was a better career fit for her.

There are so many different jobs you can do with a law degree. If you want to help regular people, are interested in employment law and would like to work for workers rather than management, then working for a union might be for you. A law degree isn’t required for this work – Kathy, for example, uses her law degree without practicing law to focus on negotiating collective bargaining agreements for the United Food and Commercial Workers in Southern California. She tells us that the law background is helpful and clearly makes a good fit.

Whether you’re in law school or wondering what to do with a law degree, check out what Kathy has to say about these alternative careers for lawyers. She tells us what collective bargaining is, what she does and why she feels unions don’t deserve the negativity we hear from politicians and pundits on how they drive up the cost of doing business. In the full interview at JDCOT, she explains a typical day, what skills and personality types best fit this path, how to break in and how to succeed.

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