Factors that influence the negotiation in head office

subsidiary  in Jap[an and Korea

A case study of Philips

By: Daniella Fjellstorm

A dissertation submitted to Sodertorn Univeristy

College Institute of Business Studies for the degree of

Master’s in International Business and Marketing

June 2005


Fjellstrom, Daniella (2005) International business negotiations: factors that influence the negotiation in head office subsidiary relationship in Japan and Korea. A master’s Thesis submitted to Sodertorns University College, Sweden.

Negotiation are frequent part of international business. Parties involved in a negotiation face different problems in reaching a successful outcome. When the parties have different cultural background the faced problems becomes more complex.

The study provides for an understanding of the negotiation and influencing factors in head office subsidiary relationship. The relationship is complex since the head office and the regional subsidiaries have different cultural backgrounds. One case study is performed between a global Dutch company and two of their local subsidiaries in Japan and Korea. A framework for the analysis is developed and the factors that influence the negotiation are identified. The data were compiled from interviews from the Dutch side.



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