Integration is Not Collaboration: Implication for Win-Win Negotiations

Mary Sass
Western Washington University


IACM 2007 Meetings Paper


This paper briefly reviews the literature that defines and describes both single- and joint- gain negotiation. It then argues that joint-gain negotiations should be divided into two categories: integrative and collaborative. These types of joint-gain negotiation require different conditions, use different processes for generating solutions, and result in different outcomes. This paper examines the similarities and differences of integrative and collaborative negotiation, and argues that by separating integrative and collaborative negotiations, it will be easier to understand and utilize joint-gain negotiations. Ultimately, this paper’s aim is to eliminate many of the frustrations associated with determining what type of joint-gain negotiation to use enabling users to choose a negotiation strategy that best utilizes strengths, accounts for any restrictions, and helps achieve desired outcomes.

Integration is Not Collaboration- Implication for Win-Win Negotiations

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