How to Influence Anyone in Less Than 7 Minutes

How to Influence Anyone in Less Than 7 Minutes

Like you, motivation expert and coach Dr. Michael Pantalon has heard of various motivational strategies over the years. But what really works? Are bonuses and holding people accountable the best ways to go or is motivation all about clear expectations and good communication? Do you confront unmotivated people head-on or delicately? Maybe the key to motivation is positive thinking? Charisma? Ultimatums? Dramatic story-telling? A “Just-Do-It” mentality? Shorter work days? A killer smile? How do you motivate yourself? Is being motivational meant only for the chosen few at the top and those who can understand complex psychological theories? Is it really this complicated?

With over two decades of experience as a psychologist, motivation and addiction expert, researcher, coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of the business best-seller, «Instant Influence» (2011), Mike’s view is radically different. Motivating people is not that hard and anyone can be a master motivator. As a coach, he helps his clients appreciate that the most profound way to motivate yourself and others is to realize the following 3 simple yet deep truths: 1) No one absolutely has to change – we are all free to decide for ourselves, 2) Everyone (including you) already has enough motivation, and 3) Unlocking your inner motivation is not a lengthy and mysterious process. In fact, it can be done with a 7-minute method developed by Mike and based on over 3 decades of science. It has to do with asking 6 simple questions about WHY we want to change versus HOW we plan to do so. It’s as simple as that and it will make you an effective and influential leader, coach, parent…what have you.

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