FNHM 2009 – Pandemic Planning in Communities

FNHM 2009 – Pandemic Planning in Communities

Pandemic Planning in Communities
In 2006, the Sturgeon Lake First Nation created a Wholistic Pandemic Plan that would model a first nations perspective on crisis management and response. The process of drafting up the plan involved coordinated leadership and protracted commitment from planning managers. The presentation discusses the community planning effort and the wholistic model that emerged from the planning sessions in the community. Efforts by the Chief and Council initiated the planning committee and the dedicated effort by the Health Centre to unfold the First Nations vision of crisis response are discussed. Research of past pandemics in the community is highlighted in a video production that is a part of the plan and part of the effort in creating community wide awareness of the nature of pandemics. Domain(s): Health Service Delivery; Planning; Quality Improvement & Assurance.
Shirley Bighead, Health Director at Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Shirley Bighead is a Cree First Nation member of Sturgeon Lake. She attended the University of Regina and is currently the Health Director for Sturgeon Lake First Nation, a position she has held for the last seventeen years. She served two terms as a band councillor for Sturgeon Lake and held the health portfolio. Presently she is the Chairperson for the White Buffalo Youth Inhalant Treatment Centre, a national youth solvent treatment centre located in Sturgeon Lake and has participated in the White Buffalo accreditation process through three accreditation cycles from the Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation. She has been very involved with the Prince Albert Grand Council and served on the following groups: Health and Social Development Working Group as Chairperson, Health Research Advisory Council, and FSIN Senior Technical Advisory Group. Shirley was the lead negotiator for her First Nation in the transfer of direct/first level health services from FNIHB. She was actively involved in the development of NASC CFS Inc., the Indian Child and Family Services Agency that provides service to the communities of Sturgeon Lake and Wahpeton. She served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for NASC CFS for seven years. She had extensive involvement in negotiating a new Child and Family Services Agreement entitled the “Sturgeon Lake/Wahpeton Model” with the Department of Indian Affairs. Shirley is also a member of the Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority Board and is involved in community. Shirley is married to Craig Bighead and the proud mother of two children, David and Stacey and grandmother of four.
Chief Wesley Daniels from Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Chief Wesley Daniels has been elected to the office of Chief five times since 1984, prior to that he served on council for two terms. Chief Daniels has worked in a variety of senior positions including: Director of Education for Sturgeon Lake First Nation, CEO of Prince Albert Development Corporation for two years; Director on the Board of the Prince Albert Development Corporation for twenty-two years; Chairman of the Management Board of the Sturgeon Lake Store and Gas Bar since its inception; Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations in Economic Development for three years; and Prince Albert Grand Council in Governance Development. Chief Daniels also served as the original Chairman of the Board of the Aboriginal Minerals Association, was instrumental in the negotiation and settlement of a number of Sturgeon Lake First Nation claims, particularly the Sturgeon Lake Timber Claim and the Treaty Land Entitlement Claim, played a lead role in the negotiation of the Sturgeon Lake Health Transfer Agreement, and chaired the Pandemic Planning Meetings towards the development of the Sturgeon Lake First Nation Holistic Approach to Pandemic Planning.
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