Evolution of Communication

Evolution of Communication

This was a film we produced at emotion studios for Adobe Systems, Inc. in April 2006.
Adobe’s CEO, Bruce Chizen, was giving a keynote at a large printing conference and this was part of his intro. We had unusual access to some extraordinary people for this film and were very proud to have been able to interview them. It was produced by Rhett Woods and Karin Bonnet at Adobe who did an amazing job to help line up the interviews. They set out an ambition vision for the film and then gave us a lot of creative freedom to execute it.
Douglas Englebart was the soul of the film. He had an honorary position at Logitech at the time and we interviewed him in a big empty conference room there. He later took me to his office and demoed a replica of the first mouse, as well as the hypertext software he developed so many years ago and was still using. In our interview with him, he expounded on his optimism that we could create a peaceful planet through applied technology. His interview could have been a short film in itself.
One of my favorite lines in the piece was from Gary Wolf: «Who truly needs information turned around in faster than 24 hour segments?» At the end Marty Cooper reenacts the first cellphone call with an original model of the first cellphone.
Glen and I co-directed the interview segments and Robert Lundahl (no relation) was the writer. I believe it was shot by Jordan Weill, David Driver and Eric Thiermann. It was edited by Julie Griesert, and the animation was created by Ikuko Kobayashi and Steve Ogden.
Voiceover was Pamela Z.

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