Effective Problem Solving

Effective Problem Solving

imagesSusannah Robertson and Gordon Tinline
Robertson Cooper Ltd
October 2007

Problem solving is a broad area and there is a wealth of psychological research covering
the different aspects of problem solving, from group problem solving and models for
effective problem solving to problem solving styles and the stages of the problem solving
process. For the purpose of this project we have focused on the factors that are likely to
influence an individual’s effectiveness when solving business problems, in order to
generate an equation that can be used to assess problem solving effectiveness.
Following a search of the relevant academic literature (using databases such as
Psychinfo and Business Source Premier) and a broader internet search, it was found
that the key factors that are likely to impact on problem solving effectiveness can be
broken down into three broad areas:
 Person related factors
 Situation factors
 Learned problem solving skills / techniques
These areas can then be further broken down into a number of different variables that
are likely to affect problem solving effectiveness.

Effective Problem Solving

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