Dynamical Negotiation Networks: A Dynamical Model of Negotiation Process

Lukasz W. Jochemczyk
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

Andrzej Nowak
University of Warsaw – Institute for Social Studies

June 15, 2009

22nd Annual IACM Conference Paper


Traditional, static negotiation theories focus on descriptions of various external factors that influence the outcome of negotiations. They are useful in predicting the negotiation outcome in a limited way, because the result of the negotiation is ultimately determined not only by objective facts, but is worked out during the negotiation itself. We present a Dynamical Negotiation Network (DNN) model that links the negotiation outcome with the process of attaining that outcome. This model represents the negotiation process in terms of a dynamically constructed network of interconnected nodes of meaning. The structure of the network and dynamics of its creation determine the outcome of a negotiation. In this paper we present results of two studies, in which we examined the dynamics and outcomes of negotiation simulation games. We show the relationship between the dynamics of negotiation process and the outcome of the negotiations.

Dynamical Negotiation Networks- A Dynamical Model of Negotiation Process

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