«Do Men and Women Negotiate Differently–and Why Does it Matter?»

«Do Men and Women Negotiate Differently–and Why Does it Matter?»

images (5)Literature Review by Rekha Reddy

American MBA students were asked to write essays discussing who has the advantage in negotiations,men or women.By a large majority,the students described men and women using stereotypes:men were portrayed as self-assured,assertive and able to stand firm against compromise,and women as emotional,relationship-oriented and cooperative (Kray,Thompson and Galinsky 2001).Whether women and men in fact view negotiation differently or behave differently in negotiation,there clearly is a perception that they might.It is critical to address these perceptions,because they contribute to expectations and behaviors that flow from these assumptions.
This paper aims to explore the effect of our preconceived or learned assumptions on gender and negotiating behavior by looking at the supporting evidence, and the consequences of that behavior.Section II examines empirical studies to see whether there are measurable differences in the negotiating style of men and women.Section III investigates possible consequences of the identified differences.Section IV explores possible reasons for gender-related differences in negotiating style.Section V suggests prescriptive measures for both men and women to improve negotiating performance.Section VI summarizes and concludes. An appendix presents my superficial examination of data on outcomes with respect to gender in the Sally Swansong negotiation from the WWS 596 2003 class.

«Do Men and Women Negotiate Differently–and Why Does it Matter?»

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