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Divorce Mediation Seattle | Estate Mediation Seattle | (206) 624-3388

Mediating and arbitrating family law disputes is, among other things, emotionally challenging for parties and their attorneys. Whether it’s divorce mediation or an estate dispute mediation high emotions are involved. Although the break up of families as a result of divorce is common, the frequency of divorce is of no consolation to the family members involved. Family members quarreling over a deceased relative’s estate are usually just as emotional and bitter as parties enmeshed in divorce.
Mediating divorce, family law and estate law cases are very helpful because they each have high emotional content. They always involve dysfunction among and between family members. Divorce cases or family law cases often involve painful child custody issues.
Estate dispute meditations often involve festering relationships among siblings and other relatives that have developed over decades, and it is a good idea to try to resolve these cases prior to trial, because a trial result is only likely to add to the dysfunction.
Family law and estate law disputes have more in common than they are different. Each involves one or more disputes among individuals, rather than individuals vs institutions. What that means, too, is that individuals, or in the case of estates, they have to finance these disputes, and the cost of litigation in each kind of case, whether it’s a divorce or an estate dispute, tends to shrink the assets of a marital community on the one hand, and an estate on the other.
Mediation is arguably of greatest service in facilitating settlement of family law (divorce) and estate disputes. Mediation rather than trial or arbitration has the capacity to allow disputing family members to chart a course toward a level of acceptance and even reconciliation that neither trial nor arbitration can typically achieve.
Early divorce mediation or family law mediation should be seriously considered in the vast majority of family law or divorce cases. This is especially true if child custody issues are involved. If parents are encouraged by counsel to first focus upon their children’s welfare via an early mediation, not only is such an effort likely to benefit the children themselves, it is also likely to reduce the parents’ stress level at least to an extent. If custody issues are at least temporarily resolved via early divorce mediation, the focus then can turn to compromising financial and other property issues recognizing that analyzing these often does require some time.
In addition, divorce mediation and arbitration offer divorcing parties a confidentiality that a civil court action does not. A court may seal some aspect of a divorce file but there are certainly no guarantees. It is seldom in any divorcing party’s best interest to air the intimate details of his or her domestic life in public.

If you are dealing with a family law dispute, divorce case or estate law that would derive benefit from a professional, experienced and non-biased family law mediator, give us a call today to discuss the particulars of your case.
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