Divorce Mediation Outcome Research: A Meta-Analysis

DIVORCE MEDIATION- A NEW SOLUTION TO OLD PROBLEMSDivorce Mediation Outcome Research: A Meta-Analysis

lori anne shaw

Results vary across divorce mediation and litigation outcome studies. Because a quantitative review has never been performed on this body of research, the present study conducts a meta-analysis on this literature. From five studies that met the established inclusion criteria, it was found that mediation produced a grand effect size of 0.36. This small- to-moderate effect size reveals that across the included studies mediation is a beneficial alternative to litigation for divorcing couples. Dependent variables measuring process satisfaction, outcome satisfaction, emotional satisfaction, spousal relationship, and understanding children’s needs were aggregated across the studies, rendering moderate positive effect size.

Divorce Mediation Outcome Research: A Meta-Analysis

Over the past three decades mediation has made a name for itself as an alternative dispute resolution process for divorcing spouses. In the last few years, research comparing the outcomes of litigation versus mediation has grown. Although there is qualitative evidence to suggest that mediation is superior to litigation across several measures, an empirical review of the lit- erature comparing the two has yet to be performed. Consequently, the present study conducted a meta-analytic review quantitatively summariz- ing the outcome of mediation when directly compared to litigation.

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