DIVORCE: Facts, Causes & Consequences

DIVORCE- Facts, Causes & ConsequencesDIVORCE: Facts, Causes & Consequences

Dr. Anne-Marie Ambert

York University (3rd Edition, 2009)

UnderSTAndInG THe nUmberS Is it true that “one out of every two marriages ends in divorce”?

No for Canada as a whole but yes for Quebec. The latest estimates by Statistics Canada (2008) put the risk of divorce by the 30th wedding anniversary for recently married couples at 38% for the country as a whole—ranging from 21.6% in Newfoundland and Labrador to 48.4% in Quebec as illustrated in Table 1. This compares with an estimated 44% in the U.S. However, these estimates include persons who are divorcing for the first time as well as those who are divorcing for a second time or more. For instance,

in 2005, 16% of divorces included husbands who had already been divorced at least once and 15% involved wives who had also been divorced before. The probability of divorcing is somewhat lower for a first marriage but is higher for a remarriage.

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