Difficult of Different – Effective Communication Strategies

Difficult of Different – Effective Communication Strategies

We have all encountered people that, from the outset, we communicated with exceptionally well. There are also those who we clash with, consistently and repeatedly. Occasionally, a productive relationship can also get derailed. These situations all draw from fundamental truths about interpersonal communication that can be understood, anticipated and therefore managed.
Psychology has offered many insights into how we interact. Science is now providing further perspectives into how these principles work physiologically and neurologically. These influences shape how we express ourselves, how we make decisions and how we communicate with others. By understanding and having an appreciation for the differences in not just ourselves but in those we work with, support, and lead, can strongly influence how we communicate.
This presentation provides guidance in developing effective communication strategies, as well as essential cautions in identifying what is less likely to work. If you communicate in the workplace (and who doesn’t?) then tune in as Mark Mullaly explores the communication challenges that we all face, and provides concrete strategies and structures by which we can improve our communication skills.

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