DEBT The First 5000 Years

DEBT The First 5000 YearsDEBT The First 5000 Years

Chapter One

TWO YEARS AGO, by a series of strange coincidences, I found myself attending a garden party at Westminster Abbey. I was a bit uncom­ fortable. It’s not that other guests weren’t pleasant and amicable, and Father Graeme, who had organized the party, was nothing if not a gra­ cious and charming host. But I felt more than a little out of place. At one point, Father Graeme intervened, saying that there was someone by a nearby fountain whom I would certainly want to meet. She turned out to be a trim, well-appointed young woman who, he explained, was an attorney-«but more of the activist kind. She works for a founda­ tion that provides legal support for anti-poverty groups in London. You’ll probably have a lot to talk about.»

DEBT The First 5000 Years

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