Communication & Candor r KEYS 4 Patients & Pain Management Physicians

Communication & Candor r KEYS 4 Patients & Pain Management Physicians

This 6-minute Video details the importance of “Communication” & «Candor» in the Doctor-Patient relationship within the medical specialty of Pain Management. This Video is one (1) of five (5) videos which comprise Part 3 of a 3-part Series on “Pain Management” I wrote for my “Professional Patient Perspective” Blog in March, 2015.
While properly communicating with one’s doctor seems to be an obvious responsibility of a patient, the medical specialty of Pain Management requires the communication of information which some patients might not realize as relevant to the quality of their relationship with their doctors. Since pain management physicians put their professional reputations on the line with every narcotic prescription they write for a patient, it is therefore incumbent upon patients to do all they can to help these compassionate physicians avoid unnecessary scrutiny. “Communication” is the best way for patients to provide “cover” for their physicians in this regard because contemporaneous medical documentation in a patient file is the best evidence for changes in treatments, medications, etc. This video elaborates on this process and integrates real life examples which makes this a most practical Patient Tip.

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