Communication and Awareness Planning – Practitioner Radio Episode 25

Communication and Awareness Planning – Practitioner Radio Episode 25

Show Notes Text:
PR Episode 25 – Communication and Awareness Planning
Show Notes:
Hitch Hikers Guide To the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
Difference Between Education and Training
PR Episode 21 Culture & ITSM Transformation

Education Provides Context, Thinking Process, Filters
Skills Based Training Sessions for Process Deployment
If you Think Education is Expensive Try Ignorance
One Size Fits All does not work in Awareness and Communication Planning
The Process of Awareness and Communication Planning
1. Formulate the direction of the desired change.
2. Analyze the current communication structure and culture.
3. Identify target groups within the change process.
4. Determine the communication goals per target group.
5. Determine a communication strategy per target group.
6. Choose the communication media per target group.
7. Write a communication plan.
8. Realize the communication media and communicate.
9. Measure and evaluate the effect and adjust strategy.

Vision & Mission Statements
Guns Navarone (Vision and Mission Example)
Vision / Mission & Values!!
Stakeholder Mapping
Change Agents
Its Not True Unless It Is Written Down
Communication Plans = Marketing Plans
Leveraging existing marketing or communication teams
Measuring The Success of Communication and Messaging
Understanding is not belief
Billi Lee Thirty Days to a Different Perspective
• Persuasion techniques by least to best effectiveness
– Proselytize (Preach)
– Threaten
– Educate
– Barter (Present the win-win)

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