Choose the Best Answer: Organizing Climate Change Negotiation in the Obama Administration

Jonathan Zasloff
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – School of Law
Northwestern University Law Review: Colloquy, Vol. 102, 2009
UCLA School of Law Research Paper No. 08-36


This article considers which federal agency should assume the lead negotiating role if the next President wants to re-engage with international climate change negotiation. I disagree with current law, which gives the State Department leading status. I also part company with the recommendations of some commentators, who suggest that the President should assign the task to the EPA, a special climate change negotiator, or some sort of «climate czar.» Instead, I suggest that the United States Trade Representative is best suited to assume the responsibility for reconnecting the United States with the international climate change negotiation process and reasserting American leadership in that process.

Choose the Best Answer- Organizing Climate Change Negotiation in the Obama Administration

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